Shadow System has Unlocked Smartphones at Wholesale prices. A minimum quantity or order of $600.00 is necessary to purchase these phones wholesale. We have Brand New, Brand New Carrier A+ Returns & Overstock Carrier B Returns and Refurbished [Slow Sellers]. Carrier: A company that provides telecommunications services. A Carrier or B Carrier: Most areas of the US have two cellular carriers, each of which operates on a different frequency band. One is designated the "A" carrier (non-wireline carrier) and the other is designated the "B" carrier. In some markets there may be only one carrier which may be "A" or "B". A/B Switching: Most cellular phones have the ability to switch to the "A" or the "B" frequency bands. This feature is useful when roaming outside your home coverage area. There are minimum quantities on all phone purchases NO EXCEPTIONS. BRAND NEW NOISE HUSH N500 Premium Bluetooth Headset [Minimum Qty 8 Pc. Single Colors or Assorted 2 each Color @ $21.99] Special: $176.99 Each, ORIGINAL SAMSUNG WEP 490 CORBY GENIO Bluetooth Headset [Minimum Qty 8 Pc. Single Colors or Assorted 2 each Color @ $26.99] Special: $215.99, BRAND NEW MOTOROLA H270 Bluetooth Headset [Black Only Minimum Qty 8 Pc. @ $26.99] Special: $215.99, NEW Unactivated Starter Packaged W/ 10 Minutes Start Talk AT&T/ T-Mobile/ Cingulad/ Cingular GoPhone/ Tracfone/ Net10 [Miinimum Qty 10 Pc.] Special: $180.99, H20 Wireless Prepaid Bundle: NEW Unactivated H20 Unlimited SIM Card + 1st. NATIONWIDE COVERAGE Month Unlimited Talk & Text Plus $10 International Calling. H2O is an AT&T Partner [Minimum Qty 10 Pcs. Each Carrier] Special: 600.99. All orders must be prepaid and shipping is by UPS. No P.O. Box or A.P.O. Delivery Customer Must Sign For Package. Phone 1-516-236-5274 OR E-mail give your phone number with request.